misgivings on leader training book

so, marti has us going through a book (us being “youth sponsors”)…

Book Three — Essential Tools for Leading Studands Barry St. Clair

…and i’m not a fan, so far.

every other sentence is some glib “christian saying” — stuff we’ve all heard all of our lives.

at one point he said jeremiah 29:11 was aimed right at me – meaning at all of us.

but it cannot be, as it promises success and happy times.

i’ve seen too many people lose kids to say that:

“i will bless you with a future filled with hope—a future of success, not of suffering.”

…that verse is absolutely, simply, true, for everyone.

what about judas?

was it true for him?

i can see some making an argument such as ’it only applies if (you love god | you fully obey god | whatever)’

but, then, how is it a promise to me?

no — i think that was a promise from god to a specific group of people, at that time, in a specific context.

but the entire leader book study is based on the premise that god promises me success — future success — in that verse.


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