No Impact Man: The No Impact Philosophy

In 1870, the Menominee inventoried 1.3 billion standing board feet of timber on their 235,000 acres. Since then, they have harvested nearly twice that amount—2.25 billion board feet. Considering the “clear-cutting” methods of the corporate lumber merchants you hear about, which completely strips land of its trees, you’d expect that the Menominee would have barely […]

Links for 9/21/07

Tekhed-Celldweller.Com Sm The Believer – Interview with Frans de Waal mental_floss magazine – Where Knowledge Junkies Get Their Fix Zooillogix : Aye-Ayes Have “Color” Night-Vision Cottyn | Fresh-Picked T-Shirts Talk Like A Pirate Day – September 19 YouTube – Disney Dog Fight eBay Store – Pencil World Creativity Store: color pencils, graphite pencils, water color […]

Velociraptor Had Feathers

“It’s sort of as if you scaled up a chicken and then gave it really nasty teeth and big claws on its feet,” he said. VOA News – Scientists Find Conclusive Evidence Velociraptor Had Feathers Technorati Tags: chickens, dinos, dinosaurs, evolution, feathers, jurrasicpark, paleontology, robertbakker, science, teeth, velociraptor

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TORONTO – The Canadian dollar opened at exactly 100 U.S. cents Friday morning, up 0.13 of a cent from its close Thursday – the day it topped US$1 for the first time since November 1976. The Canadian Press: Canadian dollar opens at parity with U.S. dollar, then pulls back slightly Technorati Tags: bush, canada, canadia, […]

When is soon?

When is soon? As an Adult with ADD I know when “now” is and I know when “not now” is. I understand that later means sometime after “now“. I have fairly decent idea of when 9:30 pm, 2:00 am and 1:45 pm are. What I really don’t seem to get is when “soon” really is. […]