blessed be the name of the lord

the name of the lord is blessed. what does this mean? i’m not sure. a blessing is what god gave/did to israel — what allowed that nation, that people, to prosper and remain together in spite of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. god’s blessing on the israelites is what got them out of egypt, through a dessert, into a new land, captured, re-claiming thier land, captured, re-claiming, again and again. the messiah was from this people — they were blessed to be a part of god’s plan. esau sold his “blessing” and so it went to jacob. a blessing is a “thing” then — ? a proposed definition: an offering of goodwill used to direct events under the blessor’s power to improve the lot of the blessee. so — i can only bless those wherein they fall under my kingdom. and, if i give up my kingdom’s rule to the lord — that, it seems, is the blessing i can give. but “blessed be the name of the lord” . . . . more thinking on this is required.

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