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speaking my mind

i’ve been reading Speaking My Mind by Tony Campolo.

i understand that this is a controversial book, but i don’t understand why.

he speaks things that, to my mind, oughta be normal thinking for followers of jesus.

then again, maybe that’s the problem.

jesus wasn’t looking for christians

jesus wasn’t interested in turning people into christians, but disciples.

christianity seems to have become just another “world religion” rather than the radical life-changing relationship with god that jesus had in mind.

those that hold that christianity is nothing more than a meme aren’t far from correct, at least judging by the sum of the behavior exhibited by its adherents (that we can see — naturally there’s a lot more going on “in secret” than we can ever really know).

most people who call themselves “christian” know little of jesus’ teachings, and exhibit fruit that shows it, to our collective shame.

in this light, knowing what kind of very tame people we have become, can there be any wonder why tony’s book is so controversial?

he suggests things which are very different to the western/american mindset, which is the “christianity” we are most familair with.

i like it

personally, the more i learn from jesus in his gospels (which is the good news!) the more i like the idea of shaking this culture up and turning “christianity” on its ear.

perhaps people like tricky and mestemia have it most right: not even using the label “christian” because of all the baggage that comes with it.

i’m not there yet, but part of that idea is appealing.

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