The One we work for

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The One we work for and with has placed in our hands the keys to the Kingdom of the Heavens. (Matt 16:19) Setting aside centuries of ecclesiastical controversy over the meaning of this passage, we need to simply understand that our confidence in Jesus as the one who “has say over all things in heaven and in earth” (Matt. 28:18) can develop into practical access to the riches of the Kingdom. These in turn make it possible for us to do the work we have to do and to live our lives in the strength, joy and peace of Christ.

now, this whole article ended up being great, but i love the phrase The One we work for, though i myself would tend to capitalize it “The One We Work For”.

i have become interested in finding new phrases for old concepts, such as “the kingdom of god” and “christian” and “god”.

i have taken to saying, “the one true god”, which goes beyond god as defined by the christian or zoroastrian or islamic traditions and communicates — in my mind, anyway — the idea that there is a one, true, god, and it is that god which i seek.

that, taken with the idea that it is jesus whom i have confidence in — both in the god he served, and in his view of the universe — and i think i can, wiht the help of the holy spirit, end up in the kingdom.

at least, i hope so.

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