wil shipley sums up how i feel, 70% of the time:

DrunkenBlog: On Being and Deliciousness, with Wil Shipley:
I’ve been asked the “would you change it” question on a variety of bizarre qualities about me (that I share with a lot of my family) that have been both blessings and hinderances. The answer is always no. Fundamentally, I like who I am, and I feel blessed and incredibly lucky.

More, I feel a great sense of responsibility. When I saw Spider-Man for the first time I couldn’t believe how much I resonated with it. I feel like I have to do something good for the world, because I’ve been given the chance and the ability. I’ve got money and I’ve got resources and I’ve got the ability to program. So, I’m obligated to do something for the world.

Depression is a sucky thing to deal with because it doesn’t have much to do with how you’re doing in life. I feel ungrateful every time I get sad, because in general my life really isn’t too hard. I can say to myself, “Look, you’ve proven that you don’t produce enough seratonin, you don’t have to feel guilty for the tricks your brain is playing on you,” but I still feel like a spoiled child.

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