life stories — most traumatic childhood event

inspired by a poster at, i am answering the question, “What was the most traumatic event experienced in your childhood?”

i remember being forced down into a bathtub full of ice cubes and water and then rushed to the hospital.

i don’t recall how old i was, or whatever cause or came from that story.

but i remember that tub full of ice, and how scared everyone was.

i also remember once dad hurt his arm pretty badly — that scared me a lot, as well.

neither one of those count as “most traumatic”, though.

the thing that must count as the single most traumatic is when i came into the living room, where mom and dad were watching television, because i couldn’t sleep, or had a bad dream, or something.

anyway — i remember seeing a girl on the tv — she was sad and beautiful, but something was…… wrong.

(i think i was about 7 or 8 here…)

i asked mom and dad what was wrong with the “pretty girl” — and they told me that she was dead.

i asked how she died.

they told me that she had committed suicide — which i had never heard of.

i asked what that meant, and they informed me that she had killed herself.

that was the first time i ever fell in love with someone.

i cried for what feels like hours, as i think back on it.

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