also sprach zarathustra

i did not sleep well — so much on my mind.

i just got out of the shower, having started my running though. 🙂

i ran 1/3 mile.

i plan to do that for a week, then bump it by another 1/3 until i’m running about 13 miles once a week and 6 the others.

when i ran cross country in high school i was able to run a 5 minute mile.

i doubt i will ever be back to that speed, but i think i want to run — and do well — in the mini marathon in may.

that’s a quick-ass timeline, and may be unrealistic, ?, but it’s worth a shot.

the exercise will be SO good for me, and i am very goal-oriented.

running a mini sounds awesome.

what’s nice is, i can already feel the dopamine kick from running just the 1/3 mile today — and i feel like i’m going to be able to be more productive today than the last few.

my mind is having trouble not wandering to all the shit i’m facing, but i’m going to go spend some time in prayer, and get to a point where i am honestly okay with what’s best — and not try to weasel my own way.

Disillusion from the album “Hour of Bewilderbeast” by Badly Drawn Boy

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