i have worn out the N key

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the “N” key on my powerbook is getting worn out.

it has been happening for some time, and i’ve been trying to figure out why “N” specificially.

i mean, obviously you use “command + n” a lot when using an apple, but what about the way i am hitting this key has made it wear out, and the “S” key has not?

i save at least as often — if not waaaaay more — than i “create new”.

the way i work in bbedit is to code a few lines, save, code a few lines, save, code a few lines, save — so i am hitting the “S” key constantly.

and i am hitting the “command” key and the spacebar key, WAY more often than either of those, yet they aren’t wearing off.

as my friend will would say: strangé

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