my week

started with me having to fix my stupid car

(there is more on this later)

then a coffee from starbucks

when i got home with it, i realized that skye had written a special message on it, just for me.

(btw: i know it’s not very hip to like starbucks, but i adore the staff at the one that’s 1 mile from my front door. and they love me.)

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it says: “good morning chris we heart you”.

then i was productive

i got a LOT done yesterday, code-wise.

it is so nice to feel my old brain coming back, and to be able to be productive again, for more than five hours in a row, even.

i won’t bother with a photo of this. 🙂

then i got my dog back

i left trogdor at some dear friends house over the weekend, while i went camping with the rents and sibs.

then i had that mike doughty concert sunday night, and then my stupid car’s stupid battery stupid died and i had to get a stupid cab and stupid $32 + stupid $60 dollars later it was almost monday afternoon before it was up and running again.

then i forgot to get him monday evening.

ADD will do that to you — even when you own a dog. 😀

so i didn’t get my boy till tuesday evening.

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this is him on the way home. it was a totally lucky shot — i clicked the camera button the side of the phone and aimed it over my shoulder as i drove.

and it turned out to be one of my favorite shots of the `dor, ever. it really captures a side of him most people don’t get to see: calm and majestic.

i love his eyes in the evening sunlight here.

yummy light.

Listening to: Surround Her from the album “Moth & Rust” by The Miscelaneous

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