modern evangelism

i’m sitting at starbucks, again.

i have my bose noise-canceling headphones on, again.

i’m not listening to music, again.

i am, isntead, listening to a conversation that’s going on nearby.

a youth pastor is trying to talk one of his teens into becoming a christian.

he’s throwing the ontological argument that “god just exists! look around you!” at him, when it’s obvious the kid believes in god.

he’s tossed him the “what if you were to die today?” question, when it’s clear that the kid knows he’s not going to.

he’s drawn a little dot on paper, and then drew a long line next to it, and the kid’s life is the dot and the line is eternity, and isn’t it obvious that the kid’s life doesn’t matter? isn’t it obvious that eternity does, because it’s so much… longer?


duh, asshole: the kid’s life matters. it matters to him, it matters to god, and it even matters to you, or you wouldn’t be here trying to coerce this poor victim into saying he will consent to submitting to god.

wouldn’t it be better to, rather, have him decide on his own to fall in love with jesus and his teachings?

wouldn’t it be better to teach him about jesus, and allow him to decide to be his disciple of his own volition, in his own time?

can someone be talked into the kingdom?

don’t they, rather, fall in love with the king by watching his disciples be lovely?

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