missing meds and nausea

last night i missed my meds, because my phone was dead, and i didn’t realize it.

(see this post here, about my meds schedule)

so i spent lots of today nauseous, and that is just no fun.

nausea is a strange thing to feel (not to mention a bitch to spell!)

what is it about our bodies, and how they were designed that makes us feel the stuff we feel?

why does “cold” feel different from “tickle” than “nauseous” ?

and why do such sensations interrupt our lives so much?

it is nearly impossible to do anything productive when you feel like puking.

but why?

why can’t i just suck it up, and fight through it?

why is it so debilitating?

how do pregnant women who have bad morning sickness deal with this alllll the time?


Listening to: The Beast And Dragon, Adored from the album “Gimme Fiction” by Spoon

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