poison for thanksgiving?

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okay, i’ll admit it: i went to see brett michaels on thanksgiving eve.

i’m not proud (obviously, or i wouldn’t post about this) of it, but i did do it.

i was invited, and circumstances with all of the family ending up being out of town lead to me accepting the invitation, and i went.

it was, as you can imagine: awful.

brett michaels, for those of you who can’t quite place the name was the lead singer of poison, that horrible “rock” group in the, uh, day.

i’ll give him this: he is tenacious.

the dood is holding onto the dream, man. and big time.

i knew maybe 70% of the songs, which was just sad for me, and i hope it’s sad for mr. michaels, considering most of those songs were more than twelve years old.


there was a gross lesbian couple making out in front of us the WHOLE TIME. i mean, i’m not one to be a jerk about gay people, but no one, except the one creepy dood who kept staring at these girls, could help but be grossed out by these two.

they were maybe in their early twenties, if that.

one was very skinny — anorexa?? — and very, very drunk.

the other was…. to put it kindly: flabby.

dumbo looks at this chick and thinks: girl, eat a salad.

and they were really into each other.

it was kinda hard to concentrate on the creepy dood, i don’t mean brett michaels, but rather the creepy guy who walked up to the lesbian couple and stared.

now, when i say the creepy guy stared, i don’t mean, we caught him staring, sometimes.

i mean he walked up, and stared.

he got within the lesbian’s personal space, and looked.

kinda like he was examining waterlillies at the chicago art museum.

o’ boy gets right up in there and examines, like he’s gotta quiz over it tomorrow.

i’m pretty sure i have a picture of this. i wasn’t going to upload it to flickr, but i have had a martini and i’m feeling saucy, so here we go:

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keep in mind, as you look at this that this guy does NOT know these two.

he walked up, stood this close, and stared down at their bosoms — for a good thirty minutes before — before he got this much attention (an arm around him).

persistence, though, seems to pay off for the creepy guy, as we see here:
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eventually, the guy ended up making out with both of the girls.

it was hard to concentrate on “nothin’ but a good time” and “every rose has its thorn” with such shenanigans going on.

what was not bad

american hardcore kicked all kinds of ass.

the opening act, “american hardcore” was incredible.

they were kinda like limp bizkit, only hard, and no rap, and not sucky.

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i dunno how else to explain it.

maybe metallica with irony.

in any case, they rawked, and hard, and made a fan.

american hardcore’s website
seriously, these guys were good to watch.

anyway, it was kind of a fun way to spend thanksgiving eve.

some other pix are availble at flickr:

thanksgiving set at flickr

Listening to: When I See Scissors I Can’t Help but Think of You from the album “The Dead Texan” by The Dead Texan

now i’m going to go finish making dinner: zesty herb chicken and brussel sprouts.


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