greetings from olympia!

so, this is my first “real” post from olympia, washington, where i’ll be until just before christmas.

tricky is fun to hang out with, and it’s not weird like one might fear, having spent the better part of a year speaking online and on the phone before meeting in real life.

in any case, we’re having fun just hanging out and it’s basically just like normal, only, like, more visual.


right now her dog, nino, is asleep next to me on a futon as i type.

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he’s enough like trogdor that it helps me not miss my boy so much.

in fact, he’s oddly like trog — they have very similar personalities, temperaments, and even builds.

early this morning we went into seattle and we took him to marymoor park, where there’s a huge off-leash dog park, which makes me want to live right nearby.

acres and acres of doggies!

here’s a pic of nino hanging out with some other doggies at the park, he’s in the middle:

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saw the space needle, from a distance:
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my trip here was uneventful, but annoying.

the flight out of indy was okay, but then i had a layover in houston, texas:
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my layover wasn’t long enough to have time to get something to eat before i found my gate, which had been changed on me, and by the time i found it, the only restaurant nearby was this $18 a plate cajun place that served things such as fried alligator, which was cool, but not exactly what i was looking for.

then the flight from houston to seattle was… long.

as in four hours and forty-five minutes in that plane.

i hate flying, and this trip reminded me of why.

planes are cramped, noisy, and don’t feel safe during takeoff or landing.

there was an old man in the row behind me and a small child a couple back and over one who were both apparently dying of consumption.

there were times i actually had to talk myself down from gagging the kid was coughing up so much phlegm.


but it was worth it, as i’m here, and we’re having fun. 🙂

sleep schedule is already thrown way way off though.

got only about three hours last night, so after the trip to seattle today we came back and i took a short nap of about eight hours.

when i woke up it felt like morning and i was very confused.

instead it was almost dinner time.

so now it’s 1:44am PST, which is almost 5am back at home, and i’m not sleepy at all.

feels like august all over again. :/

only i’m happy.


btw, i bought a new camera for this trip.

it’s a sony cybershot L1, and i really like it.

it’s tiny, fast and takes very good pics.

and, it was only $200.

finally, someone makes my camera!

i had been holding out until someone got around to doing that.

good job, sony.

(and, no i didn’t install the software it came with)

Listening to: This Modern Love from the album “Silent Alarm” by Bloc Party

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