what a fun month!

maybe because of my ADD and how so little of what i experience gets embedded in my long term memory…

or maybe it’s because of my severe handicap picturing stuff in my head (as in, i can’t do this, really. it was only sorta recently that i realized that people weren’t speaking figuratively when they said they had a mental image. i can’t begin to imagine what that means)…

in any case, i love documenting what it is i do throughout my day and keeping it somewhere.

this makes the calendar view of my photos taken december 2005 such a fun thing for me.

i can look at this page and recall all the stuff i’ve been able to do this month, and all the places i’ve been, and it’s fun for me.

Listening to: The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts from the album “Illinoise” by Sufjan Stevens

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