a fun story of saving money

today i called vonage.com to cancel my service, because that was a $25 a month i just didn’t feel like needed to spend anymore.

the only reason i have the line is for conference calls, really — i use my celly for all calls.

so i go to call vonage (and waited on hold for about 25 minutes, blech) to cancel, and the overly-pleasant young man on the other end informed me that my 1 year contract was up in two days, and that if could wait to cancel it then, i’d not pay the extortionately high cancellation fee.

“sweet, thanks, i’ll wait”, says i.

then he goes on to ask why i wanna cancel, and i tell him, and he offers to change my account to this “cellphone plan” that i’ve never heard of: for $4.99 a month i get free incoming calls and 3¢ a minute outgoing calls (which i never ever make, as my conference calls are all incoming anyway).

so i just dropped $20 a month from my monthly outgoing and didn’t actually change my service at all.


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