don’t confuse the cows

“It’s terrible. Terrible!” said Lambert, who lives in LaPorte County about three miles — and one time zone — from the cafe.

Others said they wished the Legislature, which last year decided to begin observing daylight time, had left things as they were.

“We had a routine going here,” said Cindy Miller, who owns the cafe. “Now we’re going to have a new routine.”

i find it amazing that people are freaking out about the timechange thing.

oh no! now we need a new routine! (!!)

there is an old indiana legend that the reason we didn’t adopt daylight savings time in the first place was because it would be confusing for the cows.

having read this article, it seems to me that perhaps that story might not be fully accurate.

i mean, really, is it that awful to have the 10 o’clock news come on at, i dunno, 10 o’clock all year long?

call me quirky, i guess.

i also like the headline of the article, “hoosiers will adjust attitudes…”


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