lasso summit 2006 follow-up


this has been one busy weekend!

i don’t think i have gotten less sleep, drank more beer, or spent more time with people i love hanging out with in three days before than this weekend.

it was so amazing, strange, yet good to meet a lot of these people in person.

some of the people i met this weekend i, and this is no exaggeration, have chatted in AIM with almost every single day of the week for almost five three years, and up to five in some cases.

people like tom wiebe, jono guthrie, kyle jessup, johan sölve, alex pilson.

i had met jim van heule before, three times in fact (first in 2001 at summit in orlando, then i had lunch with him at the claddagh in indy, then at some bar in chicago, when we both happened to be staying in hotels five minutes away from each other one night).

but of the eighty-plus people who were there this weekend, most of them i had not met before.

and it was so fun doing so.


of course some i *clicked* with more than others. some were surprise (some in really positive ways (hi kerry!)), and some were exactly like i expected (hi tom!) but spending some real face-to-face time with people i have spent years with in chat, talking about lasso, a product we love, or just nothing, or watching girls (some ugly, some not) or watching guys (some frat and stupid, some fat and funny) or just sitting around thinking about how freaking tired we are having spent tooooo much time up talking/drinking/chatting/socializing…

anyway, this weekend was one of the best in my life, and i am so thankful i got to go.

and that is even when i’m sitting here on a greyhound bus, at 10:03 PM, one and one-half hours north of fort lauderdale, and only a fraction into my long-ass trip (i left florida at 8:30 pm, and i get into indianapolis at 2:00 AM — wednesday morning — today is effing MONDAY.

on my last bus ride, if you’ll recall, i was sitting with a drug dealer who’d gone through my bag when i wasn’t around…

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