on the fauxhawk

so, by a long long measure, the single greatest bringer of traffic to this blog is people searching google for the term “fauxhawk“.

i get several such visits a day.

now, to be sure, i did post about having a fauxhawk at one point — but why so many people are searching for the term, and why my site has been steadily gaining in google’s search results is absolutely beyond me.

assuming that this page will also now be in that mix, can you people who stumble here leave me comments asplaining what it is you’re looking for?

perhaps i’ve stumbled upon some deep need in the intercomputerpowerwebs, and a shiny new web 2.0 vertical market has made itself known to me?

Listening to: Cassandra Geminni: C. Faminepulse from the album “Frances The Mute” by The Mars Volta

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