best. personals. ad. ever.

seen on chicago craigslist, “men seeking women”:

This SBM seeks courtship & marriage to an authentic African woman. A sane one, meaning: Not affraid to live in Africa / hasn’t been in the US more than 6 months / doesn’t smoke or drink / is highly uneducated(rural not big city type) / only wears dresses / does not cook her hair / does not use bleaching cremes on her face and neck / is not circumcised / is not religious(examples: christian or muslim) / is an African spiritualist(traditional) / has never been married / does not have children but is furtile / is pro-family & extended family(including polygamy) / is between the ages of 18 & 30 / is dark or has a very dark complexion / has big facial lips / wide hips / small to medium waistline / suffers from African steatopygia(YES!) / is not ashamed of her culture & heritage(Ancestors) / loves to be loved mentally-spiritually-physically by her man-husband.

If this picture I am going to display offends you, most certainly, you are not the ONE?!!!

PS: I like African body markings, African jewelry, foods, music & African clothing(traditional wear)and have been to Africa many times on my own(not via military, churches or peace corps). Will be in Africa again this year.

and, as if that wasn’t enough, it had this photo attached to it: African (click it for larger, didn’t wanna ruin the surprise)

AfricanAmericanMale seeks Sane Africa-born & Raised Black Woman

everyone please nominate this as “best of”.

(mom, that’ll be in the upper-right-hand side of the craigslist web page — just click the words “best of” and you’ve done it!)

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