a chat transcript

Randy Phillips: my next door neighbor is selling their Arabian horse farm for $2 million
Randy Phillips: sheesh
Chris Corwin: buy it!
Chris Corwin: each horse is prolly worth that
Randy Phillips: right
Mr. Tom Wiebe: before that FEMA dude does
Randy Phillips: well, they are taking the horses
Chris Corwin: oh
Chris Corwin: lame
Randy Phillips: this is just for the property and the buildings
Mr. Tom Wiebe: perhaps you could clone new horses from left over dna?
Randy Phillips: in Missouri you’d be put to death for that
Randy Phillips: we’re very pro-life you see
Chris Corwin: lol
Mr. Tom Wiebe: but, you’ll have an army of genetically modified horse-men on your side
Mr. Tom Wiebe: no way they’re gonna mess with that
Randy Phillips: I’ll do a feasibility study on that and get back to you

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