the boy is gone (road trip to NY)

my boy is gone.

this weekend i and two friends drove the eleven hours from indianapolis, indiana to syracuse, new york in order to hand off trogdor to his new family.

obviously this is a bittersweet trip for me.

i love my dog. love him. he and i have such a bond and it is really really hard to give him up, but i simply can’t take him to new zealand with me, because it would be both too expensive and cost notwithstanding, cruel.

i don’t know how i am going to handle a 30+ hour flight, and i will have the opportunity to get up and stretch my legs — let alone use the bathroom.

then there’s the thirty day quarentine he’d have to endure on each side of the pacific, every time we went back or forth.

so trogdor lives with duckee now.

duckee lives in boston with eagles, and i can’t think of a better new home for him. they will adore him for all he’s worth (which, i can assure you, is quite a lot).

right now i’m the passenger in my granddad’s minivan, with my friend mylisa driving. we are less than one hour from indianapolis, and we have spent almost every waking moment between saturday morning and now driving.

almost: we did go see niagara falls this morning, and that kicked ass.

canada was much easier to get into the united states was to re-enter, as citizens, which is awesome, if you ask anybody.

also with us, sitting behind me, is brad — who suggested we go almost two hours out of our way for fried chicken from “clark’s diner” in jacksonville ohio.

turns out it was worth it.

wow that was good chicken.

mylisa remarked a few minutes ago that this was the funnest road trip ever.

i have to concur.

we three had a fantastic time (even though i have driven twenty of the last forty hours).

mylisa keeps making the air too warm.

yesterday her feet were cold even when satan himself showed up to tell us to turn the heat down.

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