back home again

i have started pulling at least some of my stuff back out of storage and putting it back into the house.

it’s starting to look like someone lives there, again.

if nothing else, at least the place gone one hell of a thorough cleaning, eh?


i have started back on zoloft — only been a few days now, so much to early to say “it is working”, but i have been more productive the past couple days.

sooo much stuff to accomplish in the next few days, wow — things with life-long consequences really.

but i’ve gotten a lot done in the past few days, too, and that feels good.

good enough to wanna keep at it.

the other day i was at my parents house, and mom was talking about all the things i’ve been through, had to deal with, and such in the last year, and she mentioned “loss of faith” as one of them, and i had to smile as she said it, cause, i know what she means, but wow do i not count that as one of the hard parts.

getting to the point where i was brave enough to admit i didn’t believe anymore was a tough thing, but the actual “loss of faith” part has been a wonderfully freeing thing.

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