so, my computer sucked for a while, but i finally fixed it, which required re-installing os x, from scratch, after doing a low-level HD wipe.

then i couldn’t find my serial number for my blogging software (ecto) and so it’s been a good while since i posted.

over a month?!!?


today i watched a hobo “un-coloate” about fifteen newspapers at a coffeeshop.

he arranged the tables into a line, then sorted each page of several papers into piles, including the coupons which he then meticulously tore apart by hand.

all the while he was mumbling to himself the names of the singers of all the songs that came on the radio, and he heartily greeted everyone that came and went.

he also spent almost an hour in the (lone) bathroom — but not with the door locked: people kept barging in on him and backing out surprised.

it was so very bizarre.

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