i have been bitten by a dog

i got bit by a dog tonight.

we were on the way home from the park, and near the house we saw two puppies in the road — adorable.

i got out to lead them towards home (which i would need to find) and got two houses up the alley when their home (and their mom) found ME.

i was greeted by a 100 pound beauty by a nice chomp on my upper thigh, with a 70 pounder not far behind for a follow up, that i managed to deflect by punching in the face.

(no, really, i punched a dog tonight)

the mom-dog only tore my jeans tiny bit (on a pocket) but, as you can see, she got the skin pretty well:

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now, one thing really bothers me about this.

actually, two things, as the bite itself is bothering me rather a lot.

but the thing that gets me is that of all the kinds of dogs around here, didn’t the one that bit me just have to a rottweiler.

i’m one of those people who defends rotties. i talk about how it’s the owners that are bad, and the dogs themselves are not to blame.

but the stereotype is that they’re mean, and that they bite.

i hate being in the business of furthering stereotypes, so i find it bothersome that part of the story i have to tell about this is that it was a rottie.


an interesting part of the story is that the owner of the dog heard the commotion, apparently, and came outside — and i (rather angrily) yelled “your dog BIT ME”.

(in retrospect i’m a tad ashamed of how angry i sounded — and i did apologize to him for yelling at him, but as you can imagine, i was a touch out of sorts.)

neighbor: SHE WHAT?!?


neighbor: WHAT?!?


(at this time i point to my left leg)

he comes out and corrals his dogs and we discuss what happened, how i was simply trying to save his puppies and the mommy dog was being protective, and he was very apologetic and he was quite a nice guy, as it happened.

we talked a while, and then we shook hands, and i almost got bit again.

turns out she likes to protect more than the pups.

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