Galyan joins Gore in global warming fight |

With one of Indiana’s most recognized family names in business, Patrick Galyan is a proven entrepreneur willing to take on a good challenge.

He’s at it again with no smaller goal than to save millions of acres of primitive Alaska from development. And he’s become one of former Vice President Al Gore’s personally trained champions of the environment.
Galyan insists his motives to fight global warming aren’t political.
Rather, he said during an interview at his Eagle Creek-area home, he wants to spread the message to other entrepreneurs and business owners that saving the environment is more than just good business. It is the future of our planet.
“Some people don’t want to hear this. They say they don’t want to be confused by the facts,” Galyan said. “But as a citizen of the world, it is obvious that we have to change.”

Galyan joins Gore in global warming fight |

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