harry potter and the deathly hollows pirated copy

it’s true: you can get, easily, a pirated copy of the new harry potter book.

harry potter book
as was pointed out over at boing-boing, it’s amazing the lengths media companies will go to in order to prevent these sorts of leaks from happening, and it’s incredible how they never work.

you can’t keep information secret anymore: the only solution is to open it up and make it more availalble.

and also pointed out, the type of people who would bother downloading a .torrent of a new potter book will also be in line to buy it at midnight, so it’s not like the publisher’s going to lose money over this.


they ought to have released sneak-peak copies that were $10 and you get $5.00 off a hardcover, or something.

people like me would buy it twice, no problem.


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