friggin hillarious: fakesteve on "Squirrel Boy’s visit"

Anyhoo. Here’s what we did. We started out with lunch, which was Kobe pears that I have specially flown in from Japan on the Jobs Jet. These pears are in season right now and you have to eat them within twenty-four hours after they’re picked or you miss most of the experience. I also flew in a special chef who knows how to prepare them, a guy named Mr. Yamamoto, which maybe seems excessive except when you realize these pears cost two hundred bucks each and there’s no point in eating them unless they’re prepared correctly. Yamamoto-san uses a special knife and slices them so thin you can hold up each slice and see through it. They’re super filling. I ate one and was just stuffed. For dessert we had mugs of hot water with lemon. Overkill, I know, but Squirrel Boy likes to live large.

Squirrel Boy’s visit

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