life update

i know i still have some readers, despite the fact that i almost never actually write anything anymore.

here is an attempt to play catch up:

  1. my son started basketball recently, and i have to say, seven year old boys trying to dribble is adorable
  2. i am knee-deep in a personal project that i hope to unveil publically in mid-marci h
  3. related to that: i am hoping to speak at a conference in september
  4. writing documentation is HARD
  5. today i was asked to pray for someone. i thought about it and decided i’d just hope instead.
  6. both my dogs are doing well. trogdor has a vet appointment soon.
  7. the cat has recently started living indoors. about this i am very pleased. i wish i had had the guts to insist on it, but i didn’t. instead she found a way in from the outside, so keeping her out is now pointless. hopefully, though, 987 neighbor cats won’t also discover this way in.
  8. humans can not come in the way she does.
  9. it involves a crawlspace and being able to jump like a cat can.
  10. at work i’m getting ready to roll out three new websites for very public entities in indianapolis. yahoo.
  11. i have joined, and hope to parlay it into some sort of plan to rule this city at some point.
  12. i am very excited about the indiana jones legos. there’s even going to be a video game.
  13. i am going to redesign this blog soon — related to number 2.
  14. i still don’t believe god exists. sorry, mom. 🙁 but: i have softened my stance from hard atheism back to agnostic. how’s that for being open-minded?
  15. i turned thirty-four recently. i would feel old, but i realized that people born in the mid seventies will, in all likelyhood, live to be 120 on average. so really, i’m just 25% of the way there.
  16. sure hope that social security holds out…
  17. i just at the last of the leftover pork loin we grilled last night. i have a gas grill that is both very handy, and, not as good as, a charcoal grill. oh well, it’s january: no time to stand outside and wait for charcoal to light — especially with a very curious 90 pound malemute nearby trying to nose in on everything that goes on.
  18. kitty says hello.
  19. “hello.”
  20. i have started to believe we should ban ALL punctuation.
  21. i am going to see THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS in feb. yes!
  22. i just finished a glass of bell’s hopslam. holy hell is that good beer (!) . my beautiful wife got me a case, and i have been savoring each and every one that i’ve had.
  23. the mass ave wine shoppe has goooooooood gouda.
  24. google’s code tools are too hard to set up. especially SVN on mac os x. FYI
  25. i am still very fond of my aeropress. it makes the best coffee in the world.
  26. i bought a new wallet, finally. my old one was stolen in nov or something. the one i bought should arrive soon.
  27. i have become a big fan of twitter. everyone should use it.
  28. i am wearing my favorite tshirt, ever.
  29. i cut my hair recently, and it is almost six inches shorter. i took this photo JUST NOW.
  30. it’s time for bed.

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2 thoughts on “life update

  1. I just wanted to let you know that after 4.25 years of vegetarianism, I now eat the meat again. I haven’t had pork loin yet, though! : ) Something else to look forward to, I guess.

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