Canvassing For Obama In Dallas, Texas

i have done some canvasing too, and this hit home for me on a few fronts:

I have been going out every day for the past two weeks.  Early on, my canvassing partner and I ran into two young black men – bling, tattooes, etc.  I try not to be racist – but it was all I could do not to be scared to death.  They came up to us – and we introduced ourselves.  The one gentleman’s name is Kai.  I asked Kai if he was registered to vote – he said No and we discussed how he could register.  He looked up at me – and I swear he was tearing up in his eyes – he said – “You are the first white man who has ever spoken to me with respect in my life.  I appreciate all the work you are doing for Obama.”  He then asked for more registration forms – he took about 100.  

I understand from a friend at a local official registration location that Kai did indeed show up – with about 50 of his friends in tow.  I actually started crying.  

Daily Kos: Canvassing For Obama In Dallas, Texas

please, reader, this election is so important.

america has failed the world, and we can do better.

but only if obama wins this election.

if mccain is allowed to win we will continue to lead the earth down the path to destruction — killing and maiming everyone who’s “not us” as we go.

we CAN do better as a people, and obama will help.

please vote, and please help register others to vote — our future depends on it.

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  1. Of all the important issues this election (and I don’t mean to ignore the social and environmental ones), none is more important to me than economic justice. Economic injustice is at the root of the recent Wall Street problems, in particular:

    Deregulation and the failure of the government to keep current on regulation of the market;

    Loss of tax progressivity;

    Failure of the minimum wage to keep pace with inflation;

    Rising personal and corporate debt (the huge interest payments feed and embolden the bankers and exploit consumers and small businesses);

    Obama has shown me he understands all this, and plans to deal with each of these things. That’s why he’s getting my vote.

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