religion keeps the poor from mudering the rich…

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Today I saw a bumper sticker that said, “Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.” I think that’s right, but it’s also only part of the story. I think that the judicial system is also what keeps the poor from murdering the rich. And the police. And what we are taught in school keeps the poor from murdering the rich. The stories we are taught at home from infancy are what keeps the poor from murdering the rich. The belief that it is acceptable to be rich is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich. The desire to be like them keeps the poor from murdering the rich. None of this, of course, keeps the rich from murdering the poor.

—Derrick Jensen, The Culture of Make Believe (2004)

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4 thoughts on “religion keeps the poor from mudering the rich…

  1. Chera,I am a friend of Kali’s. Periodically I scan a blog of yours bacuese you always have what I believe is such a fresh prespective on what you discuss. I spent some time in Israel some years ago. My heart goes out to the Palestinian people. They are not nearly as victimized by Israel as they are by their own leadership. Every Palestinian has the opportunity to become a citizen of Israel.Those that do live far better than those that don’t. Those that choose to stay in Gaza are convince by their capture , today Hamas tomorrow we shall see, that they will see the ultimate distruction of Israel. The one thing that overturns the control of Palestine is a lengthy peace. While Israel was not lobbing rockets indescriminatly into Gaza, Hamas was sending longer and longer range rockets into Israel. Hamas’ hope was that Israel would retaliate so they could fuel the flames that require their very existance. People I am close to continue to minister to the Palestinian people. Last year Tom Doyle was there one night when retalitory strikes shook the bed in which he slept some 8 feet away from the wall. Your friend Danielle will be in my prayers as well. Blessings, David

  2. minah nie aku rasa gler ar…mulut mcm haprak xguna otak…wei, ingat ko tu saper??org mlayu lupa diri..keje gomen da blagak..keje pemalas..makn gaji haram…asyik men facebook..insaflah..xreti bersyukur ape yg ada..KERAJAAN KENA PANTAU JGN ADA STAFF YG LEKA MEN INTERNET JEK>>>KEJE XJALAN>>LEMBAP

  3. Yes, I do that in some cases (not exactly like that, but I mention the MESSAGE_LIST macro in the article). If I don’t have to mix the case statements with other messages I tend to do it this way, but if it is mixed I find it clearer to have an explicit list in the switch statement.

  4. Very cool! According to this there is a direct correlation between how much I run and race and the “manliness” of my writing. When I’m injured or sick, I get a bit girly.

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