I don’t find any reason why G_d would have any better answer to “I…?” than I do.

The tension (tanos) between “the I” and “the Me” is something all humans live constantly with, even if they never notice the tension, let alone make an intentional study of. This self in the mirror (Behold! It is I! Whomst is Brushing Minest Teeth!), this self we refer to in the third-person (I), this… thing that either will, or did not, do the dishes that I do not want to do is not, in some ways, the exact same thing as the Observer of the Self In the Mirror, slash, the Narrator telling the Story of The Brushing of the Teeth, nor the One Whomst Is Doing the Dishes and Knows It, though, of course, all of those people [think|thought|thunk] of themselves as I, just like I do, and, they also always only ever can, and do, experience it as me. Why is G_d the great exception to this seemingly otherwise universally shared experience of first-personhood?