My nose is in view every time my eyes are open. I almost never see it.

While meditating today (Waking Up app, Sam Harris, eyes open, 20 min session) I was entering rigpa (? Maybe?) and alternated shutting one eye, and then the other, in order to get a sense of the different points of view (are there two of me in here ?) and noticed anew that I can always see my nose, when my eyes are open. But I almost never see my nose. My consciousness discounts that input so heavily that it is as good as if it was not there at all, most of the time. I realize now as I type this that the same is tru of my mustache. And my glasses, though that’s less of a subtle editing process, probably because they distort my field of view so much that the distortion (and the frames, and the way the lenses build a “halo” effect at their edges) is more readily apparent. When I shut one eye, however, I can see my nose and holy smokes it’s blocking half of my view. It is amazing that I almost never see it. What do people with only one eye experience, as a matter of normal operations? Do they eventually (subconsciously, of course) learn to keep their head “turned” 15° in order to widen the field of view? Or do they have smaller noses?