This morning I’m listening to Everything Is Wrong, my favorite Moby album.

The liner notes on this album convinced me to be a vegetarian, in 1996 — which lasted not-quite three years. Everything Is Wrong (album link on Songwhip)
Moby titled the album Everything Is Wrong and wrote its extensive accompanying liner notes as a means of expressing some ideas that he felt were important to him, later reflecting, “At the time, I was — and am still — a vegan and an animal rights activist, really militant in all my beliefs. So I would wake up really angry every day, and sleep angry every night because I thought the world was in terrible shape, and I thought, ‘What small thing can I do to express my beliefs that the world is in such terrible shape?’ And that’s where the title of the album came from.”[4] Inside the album’s booklet, Moby provides two personal essays, quotes from notable figures (from Albert Einstein to St. Francis of Assisi), and facts that he has collected regarding subjects such as vegetarianism, environmentalism, and animal experiments.

My take, listening to it again this morning: still great It’s a brilliant album. Absolutely beautiful, angry and hopeful at the same time — and way more sounds than just “DJ shit”.

Lorraine Ali of the Los Angeles Times wrote that Everything Is Wrong “swoops from agony to ecstasy, leaping from the glittery heights of disco divadom to the rampaging ugliness of speed-metal to the refined feel of classical—while always remaining consistently Moby.”