Noise control radically affects battery life on AirPods Pro

I don’t know whether you have AirPods Pro or not, but if you do you may be interested in this, which I only recently learned. Turning noise canceling to off saves hella battery, and that is because it disables a lot of the signal processing. For music you truly care about listening to, at least with good recordings, in my experience, it also sounds better.
The battery savings is significant. While walking and listening to a podcast, often neither noise canceling nor transparency are particularly needed, and this makes the headphones go a lot lot further. Also, I recently learned you can, through {Settings > Bluetooth}, add “turn noise control off” to the click-settings on the ear stems.
Find your AirPods Pro in Settings > Bluetooth and click the little circle-i (Information) icon
Click into the Noise Control area.
Add the “Off” setting by clicking it.