at brown county state park in indiana

i’m sitting at our campsite at brown county state park in southern indiana.

the weather has been perfect for camping, almost. perhaps four degrees too warm for my taste, but then my mother would tell you that it’s four degrees too cold.

i didn’t sleep well, at all. at all.

i love my sleeping bag (a go lite) and i have a wonderful extant sleeping pad, so it was not for lack of comfort (though, again, i could have stood it to be cooler. ah well).

but i thought i had neglected to bring my sleeping meds, and so didn’t take any.

i lay there, awake, for hours.

listening to my sister and brother in law sleeping.

listening to other camp site sounds.

trying not to think.

un. able. to. sleep.

at some point, mandi got up to use the bathroom, and came back. i learned later that was about 4am.

i was awake at least forty five minutes after that.



it is nice to be out camping again. we took a hike around a lake and we went into nashville for a couple hours.

we sat around the camp fire (where i am now :-).

we did not climb the fire tower, because it is closed, which blows.

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  1. How ironic, I was camping on 10/15/2005 at Shades State Park. Dylan and I nearly went to Brown County instead. I thought the weather was perfect for camping.


    I also couldn’t sleep and a deer decided to explore our campsite.

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