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tonight i went for the fauxhawk — a hair cut i have (amazingly) never had.

i am actually way happy with how it turned out.

in the middle pic, you can see the scar i got snowboarding.

i face-planted in a mogul and the board cut my head open.

i had to get six staples in it, but i did get a ride back up the mountain in a trailer behind an orange snowmobile, so that kicked ass.

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8 thoughts on “fauxhawk

  1. thats the worst fauxhawk ive ever seen in my life. honestly. shave your head.

  2. I have a fauxhawk and I must say. Yours aint all that great man. Mine isn’t the greatest, I’m working on changing it. But yours looks more like a mohawk then anything, and it doesn’t look all too great on you.

    If anything maybe you just need a better one.

  3. the fact that it IS a mohawk, and not a fauxhawk at all ought to have clued you into the fact that this post is a joke.

    if you look around google for “fauxhawk” and “flickerbulb” you’ll get it.

    it’s an exercise to the reader.

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