They Might Be Giants – PopMatters Concert Review

one of my favorite bands of all time is they might be giants. i have seen them in concert more than a few times, and the story below is just one reason why i love seeing them live: Early on during They Might Be Giants’s show at Boulder’s Fox Theatre, keyboardist/accordionist/vocalist John Linnell called a […]

on the nature of the physical universe, and how i interact with it

the big bang seems to indicate that this universe showed up one day. as we delve further back into the universe’s history, and closer to the event horizon, it becomes more difficult to “see” what was going on, to the point that once we reach a certain point back in history, we can no longer […]

50 Most Loathsome People in America, 2005

43. Rush LimbaughCharges: Rather than engage in the admittedly difficult task of justifying GOP policies rationally, the key to Limbaugh’s success is attracting an audience that actually yearns to be lied to. It doesn’t matter how many righteous fact-checkers assail him in print and on the web, because dittoheads don’t care that he’s lying, as […]