on the colts losing

so yesterday the colts lost to the broncos (update: steelers — duh, and thanks andy), and won’t be going to the superbowl.


it is strange what i feel about this.

it’s not as if i play for the colts, so why am i angry?

why do i feel like i personally have been let down?

why do i care?

i’m so disappointed, and feel like it was dumb to get my hopes up, cause it’s the damn colts and they never ever ever do well in the post-season.

at the same time, i feel stupid for being disappointed. for even caring.

why is that?

why do i care and yet feel like i ought not care?

why is it that even though i know it doesn’t matter to my life any, i am still upset by it?

poor tony dungy. 🙁

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2 thoughts on “on the colts losing

  1. maybe you’ll be happier to know that the colts didn’t get beat by the broncos. they were beat by the steelers.

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