more on starbucks

today was my second real shift at starbucks. i have never had a job with less downtime — WOW is it busy, the entire damn time. it’s hell of fun though. the register is not nearly as overwhelming to run as i had feared — the interface is actually very well designed (even if it […]


today i start my first shift at starbucks. yeee-hah. :-/ while it is nice, after almost a month of putting in applications, to finally be starting a job, it is daunting to be faced with the fact that for the first time in almost two years i will now have a schedule to stick to, […]

so, uh… about those fossils… ?

Theological scholars may have noticed that there are, in fact, no dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible – and here lies the Creationists’ first problem. Since there are undoubtedly dinosaur bones and since, according to the Creationists, the world is only 6,000 years old – a calculation devised by the 17th-century Bishop Ussher, counting back through […]


filling out employment applications has got to be one of the single most awful things a person must endure that doesn’t cause actual physical pain (except, of course, for the cramped hands from gripping the pencil too tightly). i hate this.

back home again

i have started pulling at least some of my stuff back out of storage and putting it back into the house. it’s starting to look like someone lives there, again. if nothing else, at least the place gone one hell of a thorough cleaning, eh? 😀 i have started back on zoloft — only been […]