a recent convo

jodi, reading newspaper at kitchen table: i think i should go get glamour shots doneme, looking at jodi with a raised eyebrow: huh?jodi: i have to have something to put in my obituary Technorati Tags: chatting, conversation, indiana, indianapolis, jodi, overheard

the great integrity

i bought a book at barnes and noble the other day, with some gift card money i got for christmas — a new-ish (2002) translation of and commentary on the tao te ching by ralph alan dale, with beautiful photography by john clear. i have read a couple other translations of the tao te ching, […]

2006 wrap up

2006 was a big year for me. i: lost my grandfather got divorced made way more new friends than i’ve ever made in the previous thirty years of my life combined fell in love — twice got my heart broken learned to stand up for myself gave my dog away almost moved to new zealand […]