Jon Stewart, Lost in D.C., Collects USO Award : NPR

this is funny, listen to it, it is only four minutes long:

Day to Day, March 25, 2008 · Jon Stewart: Daily Show host, Oscar host, Emmy winner — and now the winner of a Merit Award from the United Service Organization of Metropolitan Washington. That’s a branch of the USO, the private group that sends celebrities like Robin Williams and Kid Rock to entertain U.S. troops in war zones.

Stewart has never been to Iraq, but he has met with wounded troops at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and Bethesda Naval Hospital. He tells NPR’s Madeleine Brand that he’s not really sure why he received the award.

‘It could be like I was the seventh caller,’ he says. ‘I don’t really know how they picked it.’

But he drove down from New York to accept it — and got lost somewhere in the thicket of downtown Washington, D.C. His parting words to NPR? ‘Where’s Pennsylvania Avenue? I’m lost! This city is not designed properly!’

Jon Stewart, Lost in D.C., Collects USO Award : NPR

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