if that was your big plan

you strapped the dog into a chair, she tried to lick your face
then you counted backwards and you launched her into space
you made no provisions for bringing her back home
high and all alone
you can look into the sky you might see a falling star
if I get one wish I hope that Laika will go far
I hope she sails on and on across the universe
finds there some new world where she’ll be safe from man’s experiments
that don’t have come home parts
free from being bound by chains or left alone in cars
wonder if she’ll think about a family back on earth
Laika Laika
my dog is an astronaut light years away from home
she lives up in heaven howling above the moon
she’s not coming down it takes more than you to keep a good dog on the ground
she’s not coming back it take more than you to keep a good dog down
every night I look out my window, I find the faintest star above
how’d you ever pick a name that you’re never gonna use enough
why’d you name her if that was your big plan

My Dog Is An Astronaut Though from the album “Rock Collection” by Pond

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