learning new things, and pleasant evenings

tonight i bought some tealights, and a couple of cheap pillars, and i like them.


i also bought cat food, because the kitties will be very rude in the morning if they don’t eat at night.

i have posted a room for rent up at craigslist:

Room in 2 story house on Southwest of Indy side for rent

i have gotten a few hits from it, but nothing seems like it’s going to pan out, just yet.

a couple seemed serious, but haven’t replied once i suggested we meet for tea and chat.

ah well.

so, this evening i happened across a new sub-culture i was previously unaware of: “furries”

i won’t elaborate on what that is, exactly, but i thought i had pretty much heard of everything.

wow was i wrong O_o

went for a walk today at eagle creek state park — it was way to pretty out to waste indoors.

the trees are all yellowy and losing their leaves, and it was wonderful.

Listening to: Them For A Pretty Girl That Makes You Believe God Exists from the album “Blinking Lights And Other Revelations” by Eels

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4 thoughts on “learning new things, and pleasant evenings

  1. well, i have no idea what CSI has to do with it — or which part of that post it has to do with.

    but, okay 🙂

  2. there was an episode involving furries and the forementioned sub-culture. Kindof sick really, wierdos!

  3. yah — i learned just enough to realize that the world’s a lot bigger than i knew. and i knew it was pretty big.

    weirdos, for sure.

    sick is a strong word.

    i suppose to give into such things, one may well have to be kind of “sick” (in a mental health way), but i’m not positive about that.

    i suppose another take might be that it is a safe way to explore stuff that doesn’t take advantage of human beings — but then again, odds are those who would take advantage of human beings are going to do so no matter what fetish they find themselves attracted to.

    i personally am not attracted to drawings of anthropomorphic dogs humping, but maybe that’s just me.

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