happy birthday me!

i’m not generally one to go tooting my own birthday horn, but it seems appropriate to say something about it here.

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my thirty-first year alive was my roughest one, ever.

so much happened this year that has been so very hard to go through for me, that i can’t say i’m sorry to see it go away.

thirty-two looks like it will be a good year.

Listening to: Take Me Nowhere from the album “Uninvisible” by Medeski, Martin & Wood

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4 thoughts on “happy birthday me!

  1. so far: nothing!

    birthdays, when you’re 32, aren’t that big a deal that people actually get you gifts, i think.


    actually, i am getting together with my family this weekend, as there are three of us in the fam with january birthdays.

    i expect my parents will have a little something for me then.


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