perfect words

i read several blogs each week. not quite daily, i suppose, but regularly anyway.

some i am interested in because of the theme of the blog, say “the bible” or “jesus” or “ADD“. others i am interested in because they are the blogs of people i know from real life.

some just always have fascinating posts.

some bring stuff in front of my eyes that i might not see otherwise.

but only one do i read regularly based solely on the quality of the writing.

it is sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but always worth reading.

my absolute favorite blog to read is “see it all work out perfectly“, and the paragraph following is just one wonderful example of why.

I heard an old guy (at least he looked old) talk about how methadone doesn’t help his depression and that’s why he went back to heroin. About how doctors won’t give him the time of day let alone spend time to diagnose the cause of his life-long feelings of depression, so heroin is what’s left.

if i were gay, i’d SO ask him out. 🙂

Listening to: Concerning The UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois from the album “Illinoise” by Sufjan Stevens

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1 thought on “perfect words

  1. Man alive, that was one hell of a plug. I hardly know what to say except thank you. It means a lot coming from someone whose blog I always enjoy reading myself.

    You are totally my new non-gay internet boyfriend.

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