that’s… not. normal. O_o

lately, my ice cubes have been sprouting phalluses.

no, really:

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it’s been happening almost every time i make ice now.

on several different occasions i have taken pics:

my flickr, tagged “icepenis”

does anyone have any idea what is going on here?

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6 thoughts on “that’s… not. normal. O_o

  1. I have no clue what’s going on man. But it’s been happening at my place too. I’ve been just as curious and surprised.

  2. Is there a secret ice uprising? I have to admit, I’m a bit afraid. If the ice can do that, what else can it do? And, the real question is: “Is the ice a malicious entity?” Answer me that.

  3. jeanette: i think there is something evil afoot. my friend amy is downright scared of the phallic cubes, actually.

    andy: what in the world is the story behind the name “savethegonads” ???

  4. There’s absolutely nothing supernatural going on here. The cubes are suffering from “penis envy” and understandably have taken matters into their own, uh, hands. Now, if they had little ice vaginas, that’s something to worry about.

  5. ice cubes with penis envy doesn’t strike you as “supernatural” ???

    it certainly doesn’t seem, uh, “natural” to me!


  6. It’s a cool, if less spectacular than pseudophallic, effect. The cube of water freezes, let’s assume more or less equally all around, trapping liquid water inside. This water has to freeze too, or else you’ve pretty much missed the point of ice cubes. But since water expands when it becomes a solid, it has to find a way out. Your ice cube tray is for all purposes impermeable, since it applies even pressure all around. However, if the ice “crust” on the top is unevenly frozen, the water from the inside will push up and out. The more it pushes up and out, the higher the spike. Sometimes you’ll just get little bumps that are like those nasty deep pimples, and sometimes, you’ll see a bit of morning ice.

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