open letter to the lady i sometimes see in my neighborhood, when driving to the store in the evenings (a physics lesson)

dear lady in my neighborhood,

contrary to what you may well always have believed:

when it is dark outside, and you thus have all the lights in your house on.

and when you are in your bedroom (the one that overlooks the street, on the four-way-stop).

and when you look up to examine your very naked reflection in your bedroom window:

those of us driving by are not seeing a reflection.

just thought you should know.

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3 thoughts on “open letter to the lady i sometimes see in my neighborhood, when driving to the store in the evenings (a physics lesson)

  1. a chat transcript:

    Random Friend:: LOL
    Chris Corwin: 😀
    Random Friend:: that is too damn funny
    Chris Corwin: i’ve seen this same lady like 10 times
    Random Friend:: maybe she already knows, and likes it
    Chris Corwin: she’s not unnatractive
    Chris Corwin: but
    Chris Corwin: damn
    Random Friend:: an exibitionist
    Chris Corwin: could be
    Chris Corwin: i should start camping out
    Random Friend:: hahahahaha
    Chris Corwin: get me some binocs
    Chris Corwin: and popcorn
    Chris Corwin: a lawnchair
    Random Friend:: LOL
    Chris Corwin: sparklers
    Chris Corwin: cooler
    Random Friend:: better than fireworks, then…hahaha
    Chris Corwin: kids playing frisbee
    Random Friend:: LOL
    Chris Corwin: hells yah
    Chris Corwin: damn picnic outside her window
    Chris Corwin: come on, kids!
    10:00 PM
    Random Friend:: lmao

  2. You know that dream, where you’re at school, just going about your day, and you suddenly realize you’re naked? You go on about your business (albeit in a slightly more self-conscious manner) whilst hoping that noone notices that you’re not wearing any clothes.
    I had that dream last night, only it was me realizing I was naked, and all the blinds in the apartment were open. Apparently this post made it somewhere into my psyche. Could you leave an anonymous note for the woman? On the off chance that she isn’t an exhibitionist, she might like to know. Also, if she is an exhibitionist, well, she might like to know she’s been noticed.

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