let’s return to a biblical view of marriage

5. Since marriage is for life, neither the U.S. Constitution nor any state law shall permit divorce (Deut 22:19; Mark 10:9-12).

6. If a married man dies childless, the widow must not marry a stranger outside of the family. Instead, the dead man’s brother must marry the widow. If the brother refuses to marry the widow or refuses to give her children, the law shall fine him one sandal, and he will be forced to go about wearing one shoe for the rest of his days (Deut. 25:5-10; Gen. 38:6-10).

7. If there are no acceptable men to be found, a woman shall get her father drunk and have sex with him in order to have children and carry on the family name (Gen 19:31-36).

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2 thoughts on “let’s return to a biblical view of marriage

  1. i know this won’t surprise you, and that you don’t care. but i hate the pastel “colours’, it makes me question my gender.

  2. questioning what one accepts as absolute truth is never a bad endeavor — if one is after what is true, rather than what is comfortable, it is exciting!

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