getting the house ready to sell

so, i’ve decided to put the house up for sale.

and BOY was it not ready.

there are bright colours everywhere, which is fun to live in, for me, but everyone tells me make it prettymuch unsellable, so lots of it needs painted:

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mom and dad have helped out SOOO much the past couple days, getting this place ready for painting.

tomorrow, the sibs and their spouses are coming over to knock it all out, as well as weed the yard.


i’m very grateful for my family. =)

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and, there was a room absolutely FULL of clutter:

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that slowly, but surely, got whittled down:
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but, eventually, got consolidated into a manage pile:

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and, i ended up making a large stack of books to get rid of:
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and, while cleaning, i found some stuff that i kinda forgot i had:
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this has been a huge job, and i am friggin beat.

it is SOOO bedtime.

long day of painting tomorrow.

i’ll get “before” and “after” shots of the walls.

Listening to: Rock N` Roll Suicide from the album “Soundtrack” by The Life Aquatic With Steve Z

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1 thought on “getting the house ready to sell

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